Happy Budda Shower Foam – £7* | Good Luck Scrub – £14.50*

As Tuesday’s post saw me up the luxury in terms of my manicure, I figured it was only right that I should do the same in my shower. I’ve mentioned before that when it comes to shower gels and bath products I am not overly fussy, as long as it lathers up and smells a treat it is a winner in my books. The majority of my pennies are reserved for cosmetics and more recently skincare, so luckily there is a fab home and body company that offers you sweet smelling goodies without breaking the bank.

This said company is Rituals and they are my go to brand when I’m looking to add something a touch more luxurious into my morning shower routine. From their range of shower foams to bath oils and even candles (which I have reviewed over here) everything smells divine. All of their products come under a fragrance bracket with Laughing Budda being their most recent release. Consisting of organic mandarin and yuzu this range has been inspired by the ancient Laughing Budda from China whose belly would be rubbed for good luck. Aiming to bring you optimism and happiness to your daily life all the products in the range are very uplifting and revitalising.

My fav item is the Happy Budda Shower Foam – a unique gel to foam product (think men’s shaving foam) this lathers up to give intense nourishment whilst filling the bathroom with it’s scent.  You only need the smallest amount which quickly begins to foam up once in contact with water. The second item I tried is the Good Luck Scrub a organic sugar body scrub packed full of oils to soften your skin. This contains sweet orange and cedar to give you that uplifting fragrance and buffing this into your skin will leave it silky smooth.

Have you tried anything from Rituals before? What are your favourite bath time treats?

*pr sample