I am officially no longer allowed to have fun weekends as I turn into a brat suffering from post fun blues during the week. I know everyone and their dog has been saying Wireless was brilliant, but it really was. It was the perfect break away from work and to spend two days catching up with friends in the sunshine whilst listening to some insanely good live music was just perfection. Sitting back at my desk in a windowless dark room was torture and the glorious weather outside has made it even harder. To combat my post weekend funk me and an old friend from Uni decided to get a group of our friends into town and just go out and let our hair down. With so many responsibilities in life sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and spend time with the people who make you smile.

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: What else is there to do on a Sunday post Wireless festival when the sun is beaming up ahead? Go for an impromptu beach BBQ | Unleashing my inner child and seeing Monster’s University | Lola becoming a sausage to try and combat the heat | Finally got a much needed cut and colour at my fav salon Headmasters | This drink is delicious! | Friday lunchtime treat at Bubbledogs in London

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