Sunshine? Quick touch wood so as not to jinx it! Our resemblance of Summer this year has been pretty pitiful so whenever the glorious ray of light comes into town I rush outside to soak it up. Luckily for me yesterday was spent at the Summer Stampede in Queen Elizabeth’s Park. It was my Father’s Day gift to my dear Dad as music is something we both love. I had a really brilliant day and it was just what I needed after a bit of a rough week. Sadly I got some pretty shocking news that has knocked me for six. Nothing that needs to be said in detail here but it really makes you realise that every moment in life is precious and should be cherished. Spending time with the people you love and care for should always be a priority and it’s something I’m at fault for for not doing enough. More love and hugs are in order in this World and this is something I aim to focus on more.

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