Neom Real Luxury: Organic Body Oil – £30*

I have entered the World of luxury, all thanks to Neom and this gorgeous body oil. Due to some rather embarrassing sun burn disasters (SPF is no joke kids) I’ve upped my dosage of moisturise and opted for the more intense body oils. They glide onto the skin to give you a super slick coating that instantly nourishes and hydrates – when looking after any areas where you have caught the sun a high quality body oil always does the trick for me. Having already made a pretty hefty dent in my NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil* it was time to put another oil to the test, cue this luxury offering from Neom that is packed full of organic goodness.

If you haven’t heard of Neom before you will probably recognise them for their candles. Large wicked organic candles that can fill a room with a heavenly scent, I used to think at one point all Neom sold were candles! Instead they have a pretty impressive range of body care items spanning from scrubs, to shower oils and lotions. This Organic Body Oil makes up one third of the three scents Neom offer and each of them take body oil to a whole new level. From the package to the scent, every inch of this product oozes luxury and is a real joy to use.

The Real Luxury Oil contains lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood that combines together to give the most lovely scent. I don’t find it to be too overpowering on the skin, instead it just lingers in the background so as not to impact any perfume you spritz on later. The smallest amount goes a long way and after using it for the first time the difference in my skin was outstanding. Throughout the day my legs had a soft and flattering sheen to them and they stayed silky smooth until nighttime. For a luxury body oil Neom hits the nail on the head.

*pr sample