Are there many things more beautiful than a minty green nail varnish? No matter what brand I may be perusing the aisles of I am always instantly drawn to their pale pastel offerings in the green/blue category. Something about this shade stands out to me and is a favourite when I am deciding on my next manicure choice. As you can see I’ve managed to accumulate a fair number of minty green offerings and the above five are my top picks.

PinkyWhere’s My Chauffeur One of the darkest offerings that I have, I reserve this more for my toes or for the cooler seasons. Unfortunately a limited edition Essie polish I believe from the Christmas 2012 collection meaning it’s availability now may be slightly limited, but if you are able to get your hands on it I would recommend it as it’s a staple shade that I always go back to.

Ring FingerMint for Life Let’s all take a moment to look at my top favourite (or ultimate grand supreme as they would say in Toddlers and Tiaras). There is something about this pastel green shade with a hint of blue that just looks gorgeous on the nails. Easy to apply, long lasting and a super opaque finish, this for me is nail perfection.

Middle FingerMint Candy Apple When talking about minty greens most people would assume that this shade would pip the post. Unfortunately I find Minty Candy Apple to be too blue toned and the old Essie formula is just horrible in comparison to their diffusion line. A thin brush that requires three coats puts a downer on this shade for me. I may have to rediscover it in the diffusion formula to resurface my old love for it.

Index Finger – Peppermint Another budget by from Rimmel and part of their Lycra 10 Day Manicure range. Again I find this to have a bit more blue in the shade as opposed to Mint for Life, however the easy of application and formula even beats Mint Candy Apple for me. For a fuss free manicure this does the trick.

ThumbTurquoise & Caicos Finally this shade looks a beaut on the nails but is a nightmare to apply. Again, part of the old Essie range I always find this shade to look translucent on the nails. If you have the patience to apply the coats it is well worth it but I save this more for special occasions or a night in front of YouTube.

Do you have any favourite minty green nail varnish shades? What’s your favourite manicure colour?