Welcome to a new Saturday feature! I’ve been meaning to conjure up a Saturday style post for a while but the ideas mill was falling short until this burst of creativity flashed into my head last night. Throughout the week you will find daily beauty posts popping up where I share my latest finds and beauty musings, but come the weekend I wanted things to be a little different. With MWIP featuring on a Sunday, Saturdays are now the days where I will share with you something super. Whether it will be beauty related or just completely random, I like to keep you on your toes ;) pop by every Saturday to see what one find has stood out above the rest and been super that week.

This week’s super thing is…drum roll…the Pixi Glow Tonic. I picked up this cult exfoliating toner directly from the Pixi store last week as luckily enough my trip back to London coincided with the toner being in stock. I ran over on my lunch break to pick one up and have been using it morning and night (apart from the nights I use Alpha H Liquid Gold) ever since. It is alcohol free and feels gentle on the skin whilst being an astringent toner. Incorporating this into my routine has left my skin looking brighter and any discolouration has started to disappear. Even in the short time I have been using it I have noticed a difference, hence it’s Super Saturday status!

Getting your hands on this toner is a bit of a pain in the behind, best bet is to keep your eyes pealed on Twitter, stalk the London store and hound their phone-lines to see when they are next in stock. It’s a lotta effort but boy is it worth it!