This week I’ve felt like I’ve been in a constant hazy sleep state – never fully awake and always wanting another 10 minutes in bed. This weekend I’ve promised myself a relaxed couple of days as my upcoming calendar is jam packed! Luckily the weather is *fingers crossed* starting to improve, I swear we never manage to get more of a week of Summer anymore until the rain clouds reappear and loom over our heads. The joys of living in the UK aye ;)

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Might not but quite as good as what you can find in the States but to fill my frozen yoghurt craving a Snog was in order | My fav nail polish at the moment | Having a beauty chat with the ‘lads’ at work aka ‘if you Instagram a pic of us do we make it onto your blog?’ | Did you notice a familiar face in this DailyMix video? | The most important notification to come through on my phone | The trailer for the new Smurf movie has resulted in people saying I look like this character!

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