My first full week back at work post holiday was a killer – needless to say I did everything in my power to try and pretend I was still away but sadly the rain brought me back down to Earth. The glorious sunshine of last weekend has well and truly disappeared and the gloom of the looming weather report is enough to put a dampener on anyone’s spirits. Luckily for me my friend from home came to visit this weekend which meant that we spent our time having a good old gossip and eating lots of delicious food!

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Having probably the most delicious hot chocolate I have ever seen in my life | Waking up and finding that my hair has taken over – when it managed to get itself this long is a mystery to me! | Experiencing my first Bubble Tea and still in shock that it doesn’t actually contain any tea | MINIONS | Lovely day down at Lymington Harbour | Epic lunch times at Camden in Parkstone

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