Macadamia Control – £17.45*

A couple of years ago hair oils made a big break onto the Blogging/Youtube scene and became a staple in almost every beauty lovers haircare routine. Everyone’s favourite was the infamous Moroccan Oil whereas I become a fan of the brand Macadamia. I use their Healing Oil Therapy religiously and have tried their Deep Repair Masque which my tresses literally drank up. So far everything I have tried from the brand I have been pretty darn impressed with, so when I heard that they recently released a new defining hairspray my beauty senses were intrigued. I associate Macadamia with hair care as their range of  treatments, masks and oils help to nourish and heal even the most damaged locks, but their style range is a part of the brand I haven’t embarked upon before. Consisting of a No Tangle Pre-Styler and Reviving Curl Cream it was time to put their new hairspray offering to the test.

Packed away inside this can you will find natural UV protection, humidity resistant long-lasting hold. I am not particularly fussy when it comes to hairspray, as long as it does the job, doesn’t turn my hair to a crisp and is on offer in Boots, it usually gets added to my shopping basket. This hairspray really holds my hair in place without reducing it to a static helmet. It helps to prevent any fly-aways and my hair still has some natural bounce and movement after use. My only pet peeve with this is the nozzle, it sprays everywhere! Perfect if you have a bundle full of curls to spray but with my shorter style I found my dresser ended up with a coat of hairspray too.

Nozzle aside I do really like this hairspray and find it does the trick and gives my style hold throughout the day. Considering this 300ml can will set you back £17.45 I think if they have a more purse friendly size and price (with a more controlled nozzle) this would be a real winner for me.

*pr sample