Gellux Manicure – £17

When it comes to nails and nail art especially, I am a complete noob. Some people struggle with applying eye shadow, others find it tricky to use an eyeliner, but for me it is my nails. I look on in awe at the intricate and beautiful designs that people can create on their nails and always have that slight pang of jealously in the knowledge that I would never be able to create the same myself. For me, the most extravagant I have been with my nails is creating a glitter accent – oh yeah I am living on the edge over here! Luckily for me I have found an incredible nail technician in Dorset who is able to do such a thing.

Initially I had just booked an appointment to get a Shellac/Gellux manicure and pedicure. I have had a Shellac manicure a handful of times and it is always something I get done before I head away, the ability to have a chip free manicure for 2+ weeks is something I can not resist! Me being the complete nail noob that I am had no idea that you could create nail art with gel hybrid polishes. Oh how wrong I was. When I was presented with a nail wheel of polka dots, chevrons and floral designs I was quickly corrected. My plan of a soft pink colour for my nails and toes was instantly replaced by the idea of glitter and nail art. After much deliberation and looking like a bit of a nutter trying to decide what to choose, I opted for a polka dot nail and glitter pedicure.

For the manicure I got the above blue shade with white polka dots, both in the Shellac polish meaning the design will stay in place whilst I am pacing the streets of the States trying to buy up my wish list. For my toes I got the most stunning green glitter colour, it is pretty bright but perfect for a holiday. I would pop a photo up but I’m not sure whether my feet should be a feature on the blog! However, you can see a sneak snap of it over on my last MWIP here. If you are in the Dorset area I highly recommend Chelsea and my mind is already working in overdrive trying to plan my next manicure.

Also this will be my last blog post for a few days – hopefully it won’t be too long until I can update you guys again!