Clarins After Sun Moisturising Self Tanning | REN Tonic Moisture Mist* | Boots Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief Serum*

Being on holiday calls for a different set of skincare must haves that I rely upon depending how my skin is behaving. After a long haul flight or at the end of a pool day out in the sunshine, I find my skin is calling out for moisture and a bit of TLC. Whilst being away these three items were my saviours and helped keep my skin in tip top condition.

Clarins After Sun Moisturising Self Tanning – I picked this up at the airport on the flight out to LA from the bargainous Duty Free. After Sun is always a must whenever I travel as my skin usually ends up getting a bit burnt. I am a stickler for SPF and throw lashings of the stuff on, but not matter how good I am my pale skin likes to turn bright red. As I wasn’t sure how many ‘sun bathing’ days there would be on the trip I opted for this due to it’s self tanning properties. It still contains all the skin repairing goodness of an after sun but it also helps to boost a tan. I found that this helped to sooth down any red bits whilst encouraging them to become to more slightly more attractive tan shade.

REN Tonic Moisture Mist – this little glass bottle was a blessing. On the plane, by the pool, walking around the city on a hot day, this became my faces best friend to help inject lashings of moisture back into my skin. Packed full of Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration and Ginsengocide to decongest, this made sure that my skin was kept supple and refreshed. My only gripe is the spray is a bit pants and will leave you and the person next you covered, but this toner made the world of difference.

Boots Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief Serum – thanks to my skins ability to burn in a nanosecond I found myself in Newport sporting a rather red face. This serum was a last minute addition when packing but I’m so glad it wangled it’s way in the case as it helped to calm down and reduce any sensitivity. If my skin was burnt, dry from the plane or was just feeling a tad sore, a layer of this serum quickly sorted out the problem and left me and my face feeling happier and calmer.

Without these three products I think I would have spent my time a lot more red, dehydrated and slightly painful. Everyday each of these got grabbed and applied, and my skin loved me for doing so.