I officially declare this week as the week of the gig tickets. I feel like I’ve spent a mini fortune recently on upcoming concerts and gigs but boy will it be worth it! I am a live music fanatic and although I don’t delve into that side of myself very often on the blog, I love going to gigs and have been since I was a wee lass. There is something electric about seeing your favourite band perform live and the buzz of a good gig can stay with you forever. I have been lucky enough to see some of my favourite bands perform live and come from a family and circle of friends where live music is intwined in our lives. This summer I have managed to put together my own mini festival that spans over June and July. Starting with Chime for Change which has none other then Beyonce headlining, followed by Mumford & Sons at the Olympic Park and finishing off with a two day spectacle at Wireless. To say I am excited is an understatement!


1. The joys of light evenings and living by the beach in Bournemouth – walks after work along the sea front. Bliss
2. Sneaky mid week purchase from New Look. Who said it was too early to buy boots for Wireless?!
3. Current hair colour inspriation
4. Only in Bournemouth can you find right outside your office a mini field with a couple of horses in it. During one lunchtime excursion this week we found non other then a foal in the field. Steve (which we aptly named him) has been born!
5. Thanks to Zara my hunt for a bag for LA has been successful! I picked up this soft pink bag with gold hardware yesterday and now I just need my holiday so I can take it for a spin
6. I think *touch wood* I have found my HG Micellar Water. This Avene Micellar Lotion works a dream and removes all my makeup in one quick swipe. A full review will be up soon

Hope you all had a brilliant week – Spring seems to finally be here to stay, all hail the sunshine!