Happy Sunday you lovely lot of people, hope you all have had a good week. For some reason this five day week went a lot faster then the shorter week after bank holiday, twas a nice surprise considering I was dreading it! This week I have mainly been online browsing for bits for LA and getting back into the gym routine. With less than five weeks till the big trip (sorry but not sorry you are going to be hearing me talk about this a lot :P) I am full steam ahead in saving money mode whilst attempting to achieve some sort of summer body – lolz. My wish list for the States is someone what laughable at the moment with the sheer amount of items on it, but every spare penny is going into the pot so some seriously shopping can be had. If you have any recommendations of places to go/things to do, please send them my way as I am a LA noob and so far all my places to visit have come from the TV show The Hills!


1. Swooning over the new Lancome eyeshadow palette – full review will be up soon :)
2. Trying to get through the days at work whilst daydreaming of the glorious weather in LA
3. Sprucing up for a Friday and thanking the heavens it is nearly the weekend
4. No amount of rain or win will stop me heading into town and picking up my essentials
5. Gorgeous bistro in Winchester called Hotel Du Vin – oh so swanky!
6. Who knew Winchester had a cathedral?! The joys of meeting a best friend halfway between your two homes to enjoy a delicious lunch followed by a mosey round town (more pictures of the cathedral can be found on my Instagram page @agirlandabeautyblog)

Here’s to next week – fingers and toes crossed for some Spring sunshine!