Well hello everybody =) Seems like a lifetime ago that I sat down and wrote my last ‘MWIP’ post. Last week was the first time I have ever not put up a Sunday summary since starting them – shocker I know! Even though the temptation to post was there I forced myself to continue with my mini Easter break and instead sat down with three episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to catch up on (oh it was emotional). After my little hiatus there is lots to catch up on so instead of rambling I bring you the pictures.


1. Raving about my most recent trip to Headmaters which, brace yourselves, is my most favourite colour and cut I’ve had since going blonde. Ollie really must be a colour genius as I have been so happy with the colour and feel like he really brought my blonde to life. You can read all about my visit and see pictures of my hair here
2. Being super organised/procrastinating at work and planning what to pack for my bank holiday trip to Cardiff
3. After my last visit to Wales being about 6/7 years ago I got slightly emotional going over the Severn Bridge
4. All ready for our first night out in Cardiff city centre
5. Judgement Day at the Millennium Stadium aka spending the day freezing my butt off whilst shouting ‘go on you’ rather a lot
6. After giving up coke, chocolate, crisps and ice cream for Lent I was overjoyed (which is a bit of an understatement!) to see this stockpile from the Easter Bunny
7. Easter Monday lunch aka divine on a plate
8. After being away from this little fluff ball for a week many cuddles were had
9. At the Benefit Fakeup event which you can read all about here
10. All ready for a days shopping with my Mum in Southampton
11. My Southampton haul which includes some bright jeans for LA, makeup storage and my ultimate morning cleanser Clarins Water Purify One-Step Cleanser for Combination/Oily Skin
12. Picking out my favourite pastel nails all ready for a blog post this week

Hope you all had a brilliant week and Easter weekend. Going back to work on Tuesday was beyond difficult after having so much fun at the weekend. The thoughts of the upcoming five day week sounds hideous! Bring on next weekend!