Caudalie Beauty Elixir – £10.35 30ml/£28.80 100ml

I have a confession to make. It’s been a secret that has been terribly hidden and as much as I wanted to ignore it and pretended it wasn’t happening, I have fallen head over heels for the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. This product has featured in a fair few favourite posts but shockingly enough there hasn’t been a sole review dedicated to this beauty water. As you can see from the above picture my love has been bubbling away for quite a while, four mini bottles down (and one still going strong in London) I finally gave in and picked up the 100ml bottle from Buyapowa. This product first became popular after the beaut herself Victoria Beckham tweeted about her love for it. Understandably anything that is hyped about by VB herself, quickly shoots to the top of everyone’s wish list and in (what seemed like no time at all) became one of the most talked about beauty products on the blogersphere.

When this first became popular there were mixed reactions. Many didn’t understand it, some were opposed to the  medicinal scent and others just didn’t see any skincare benefits. Initially I was part of that group and my first mini bottle sat unloved and unused. This quickly changed after a bout of bad skin where the Beauty Elixir was an integral part of my routine to getting my skin blemish free. Packed away inside these bottles are oodles of skincare benefiting ingredients that help to tighten pores and improve radiance in your complexion. This can be used as a toner but I prefer to use it throughout the day. Either on targeted areas of bad skin or just to pep my skin up I find this makes the perfect addition to my skincare routine. It seems to add that extra oomph I was lacking and it works wonders for me at reducing redness and helping to give any spots the heave ho.

Whenever I travel, go away for the weekend of even am out for a long day, there will always be a bottle of this by my side. It doesn’t give you an immediate result on your skin but after using it for a few months my skin is clearer, brighter and a lot more radiant. Looks like VB does know what she is talking about ;)