Clarins Water Purify One-Step Cleanser – £19.50

This product wins the award for hardest item to photograph – ever. Even the above photo makes me cringe but thanks to the transparent packaging and clear liquid sadly this was the best of the bunch. Photography issues aside this review is long overdue, why it hasn’t made it’s way onto my blog before now is a mystery. This cleanser featured in my holy grail blog post (which you can read here) and is my go to morning cleanser. I have used up around 5-6 bottles of the stuff which shows firstly how much I love it, and secondly how much my skin loves it.

Before picking up this water based cleanser my morning skincare routine left a lot to be desired. The thought of fumbling to the bathroom sink at 6.30am to wash my skin with a cleanser and a flannel is something that I simply could not muster (nor was I that willing to do, especially in the Winter). I obviously wanted to introduce something into my routine to clear away the grime that builds up whilst you are asleep but finding that product proved tricky. Thanks to some fellow bloggers at the time I was recommended the Clarins Water Purify One-Step Cleanser.

This is a water based cleanser that I use with a cotton pad – no water or flannels in sight. I use the version for combination or oily skin and find that this gives me the same refreshing feeling that cleansing with water does. With Moringa seed and mint essential water packed away inside any impurities are washed away and your skin is left clean and toned (though I still always use a toner afterwards). Whether I am on holiday, travelling or away for the night you will always find me with a decanted bottle of this cleanser by my side.