Essie Peach Daiquiri | Essie Bikini So Teeny | Essie Where’s My Chauffeur Gone? | Essie Wicked | Essie Lilacism

It was only a matter of time until there was an Essie edit. Well here it is – the day of the inevitable blog post. Blah blah blah Essie are my favourite. Blah blah their diffusion line made them more of my favourite. Blah blah their colours are perfect….want me to go on? ;)

I jest as all I feel like I say on this blog is how much I love Essie but guys, it’s the truth! I really do! I was looking the other day at the amount of Essie polishes that were building up in my collection and thought it was about time that I should do a post about my top 5. Now the hardest part was picking just 5. The first thing you will notice is that there are no nudes in sight. Although I have embraced all things taupe and natural on my lips and lids, nails are just another kettle of fish. They are still the place I like to inject some colour and live outside of the box. The second thing you will notice is that, bar one, these colours are all from the Essie diffusion line. It’s bitter sweet this collection as now all the original polishes with the smaller brushes I just cast aside for their big brushed counterpart, but they really do make application so much easier and quicker.

The first colour (that is sadly part of the small brush bunch) is Peach Daiquiri. This and Cute As A Button are hard to pick between but I went for Peach Daiquiri as it just has that deeper hit of colour. It’s perfect on your toes when on holiday and gives you that pink mani without being Barbie pink. Second on the list is Bikini So Teeny. A limited edition collection polish (I know I’m sorry!) but it really is a beaut. It is a bluey toned lilac polish with hints of sparkles that makes it that extra bit special. Next up and from the 2012 Christmas Collection is Where’s My Chauffeur Gone? If you are looking for a deeper version of Mint Candy Apple but that’s isn’t so neon as Turquoise and Caicos – then this is the one for you! Next up is the only dark nail varnish I own and with this vampy shade I don’t think I will need another! Wicked is a deep purple red that doesn’t look black on your nails but gives that urber vamp of colour. Last up I think is my all time favourite Essie colour – round of applause for Lilacism! I really do adore this colour and I went through a period of about a month of just constantly reapplying this to my nails. It is a gorgeous pastel purple/lilac colour that works great any season and with any look. Whenever I am being indecisive over what colour to pick I always gravitate towards this one.

Do any of these Essie colours make your top pick? Which are your favourites?