This weekly summary can be all said in one word – nose! That’s right, this past week has been spent with my nose dictating my life as I ended up getting a rather nasty sinus infection. This had me off work for the most of the week and rendered me pretty useless and miserable for the rest of it. It’s been one of those weeks where no make up has been touched, clothes consisted of pjs and my hair was permanently scraped back. One of my best looks wouldn’t you say?! I’ve hardly been on Instagram or Twitter or all week and because of that my usual collage of pictures are empty. Instead I’ve included a photo from a happier time – two days before said sinus infection on a night where clearly my epic playlist had me overjoyed!


If I was to pop a list of what I’ve done this week it would include; sneeze, sleep, doctors, try to work, fail at working, sneeze, sleep and feel sorry for myself. So instead of letting this sinus infection get me down (it will not win I tell you!) I thought I would take this opportunity to do a bit of blog talk. I feel like in the short time that we have had so far in 2013 blogging has already changed quite a bit. A lot of my favourite bloggers have become full time bloggers/YouTubers now which I think is brilliant. I love seeing their blog becoming a massive success and I think it is well deserved. One thing I have noticed is that it can make it harder for people who do also have full time jobs alongside their blog (like me). I work a minimum 40 hour week but due to my love of blogging I spend the time snapping away at products and writing up posts 6 days a week because, it’s true, I really do love it. I feel however that because I don’t have as much time as other’s my blog can become a bit run of the mill. It’s hard to always be different and unique and you can feel like you are falling behind. I think it is truly amazing the impact blogs can have and it’s a credit to the people behind them and their readers. It’s also I think a lot down to engagement and interactivity on blogs. I don’t think I would still be here today if it wasn’t for people coming back clicking on my blog and reading my posts.

Blogs can be very personal places but without interest they can easily die away. I love hearing your feedback positive or negative as I like changing and evolving. I hope you find this blog a place where opinions are honest, content is new and what you read is interesting. But, as a reader how do you feel? Do you blog as well and do you fit it in alongside a full time job? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions and what you feel about blogs and blogging. If blogs didn’t change or adapt would they still be around and who knows what they will be like in another 6-12 months time!