Oh weekend – you have been so good to me! Luckily for me my utter beaut of a friend Nat (who also has a blog over here) came and spent the weekend with me. It was a much needed pick me up as sadly there have been mass redundancies at work (almost half the team I manage are going) so to put all our worries and impending sadness at seeing some great people go behind us, we did what we do best, went out on the town! It was lovely to go out with pretty much everyone from work and to have Nat there was the icing on the cake! Dancing like a loon with some amazing people instantly washes away any blues.


1. Lola on Monday morning – clearly having a very tough start to the week :P
2. Never cease to stop loving this colour – Essie’s Where’s My Chauffeur?
3. Band wagon well and truly jumped! May have let out a squeal when this arrived, far too excited to try it out!
4. The little touches. Having my blog logo popped on the front of a package I received this week
5. Looking at this photo makes me want to devour this meal all over again. Nandos you are just beautiful!
6. For once in my life I didn’t actually hate my hair up! I was about 70% sure I was going to leave it up for a night out but my insecurities won and curls it was!

Hope you all had a brilliant week =) I’m off to settle down in front of the rugby – come on England!