Essie Where’s My Chauffeur? – £7.99

I’m starting to run out of ways to start of Essie polish posts without constantly saying LOOK OKAY I LOVE THEM! (Well let’s not dart around the subject as I really do :P) A New Year should always start off with a new Essie and although technically I did buy this way before 2013 popped up, I only really got a chance to wear its turquoise offering this last couple of days. Now the glitter has been stored away on the shelf for another year it’s time to break out the, dare I say it, colours and start to bring some life into gloomy and cold January.

Where’s My Chauffeur is like a mix between Mint Candy Apple (which is more of a brighter minty green offering, and Turquoise & Caicos (which is a more muted and transparent green, see swatches here). Where’s My Chauffeur packs in more of a punch with the blue tones and provides a bright wash of colour, but is slightly more muted then Mint Candy Apple’s offering. I wore this colour on NYE and popped a helping of Models Own Juicy Jules on the top to add some sparkle and shimmer for the big night. This colour is part of the Essie Christmas collection so not sure how easy it is to get hold of now but head down to your local Boots or Superdrug to see if you can pick one up!