Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips – £11.50*

I have seen Lily from LLYMLRS rave about this little pot for a while so when it landed upon my doorstep I knew I had to give it a try and see what all the fuss was about. Now, first let’s state the obvious, it is called a nipple balm so let’s all take a second to giggle about this name – LOL. Jokes aside, although this was originally a nipple balm for women to use when breastfeeding this is also perfect for your lips. What makes this balm brilliant is that it is 100% Lanolin. This magical ingredient is basically in simple terms – wool wax. Sounds a bit gross as it is produced by sheep to protect their woolly fleece, but the reason why this is perfect for lips (and even nipples) is due to the fact these oils and waxes are the most similar to human skin oils (fun little factoid for you there!) Because of this fact it makes Lanolin perfect for humans to use to protect and soften our skin. Now don’t worry, you won’t be applying the sheep’s made goodness directly to your skin – luckily Dr. Lipp purify these oils and waxes to a Medical Grade standard so it’s nice and pure and clean when you go to apply it.

I have super dry lips and this sudden bout of snow has done nothing to help that situation. I have tried numerous lip balms and scrubs to help make my lips more soft and subtle however these only help in the short term. This nipple balm is super thick in consistency and as soon as I’ve slathered it onto my lips I can pretty much feel my lips drinking it up. Not just that this balm can be used on any dry patches on your skin, on sunburn, burns and even split ends! This really is a multipurpose balm that has already worked wonders on my lips and has helped sort out my dry elbows from the cold harsh winds.

*pr sample