Bonjour and salut! This week’s post is coming from a very sleepy place as this weekend has been spent ‘living it up’ with some of my old Uni friends who visited for the past couple of nights to celebrate one of my besties birthdays. Even after making the smart decision of boots over redonkulous heels each night, my need to power it up on the dance floor has left me completely knackered! However, it was all well worth it and two brilliant nights were had =) Until this current project at work is complete the whole company is on overdrive and in a mad panic to get everything done. It was great to take some time out and just have a complete laugh with some utterly brilliant people <3


1. Need to stop sneaking out at lunchtime for over indulgent lunches but sometimes you just need to get away from the office and eat some nommy food!
2. Skincare haul that I dived into over on this blog post: here
3. First cocktail (and alcoholic drink!) of 2013!
4. My new blusher love; MAC Something Special paired with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which is a match made in heaven
5. Reunited with this old love to get tanned up for the weekend
6. Total impuls buy! Fingers crossed it does the trick!
7. Vamping up my makeup with this stunning Illamasqua pigment
8. I’M GOING TO LA BABY!! The flights are booked, the hotel is reserved and the saving has begun! With a wish list of over $400 sitting on my phone I better get to it stat!!

Hope you all had a brilliant week =) First month of the New Year is almost done and dusted?! Who can believe it!?