It is surprisingly really hard trying to work out how to start off a ‘My Week In Pictures’ post when all you have done this week is go to work! Most of my New Year starts in previous years involve me being manically busy or rushing between towns so it’s actually quite nice to be in once place and just focused on work. Doesn’t make for an exciting life mind you :P This week saw the start of snow, which resulted in Bournemouth being on lockdown – amazing what havoc a light dusting of snow can cause! One thing I do miss about being in Bournemouth is the lack of late night shopping. There is something to be said about walking to the tube and by passing the John Lewis Beauty Hall. It means that any purchase has to be planned and made at the weekend however I am becoming quite the regular at the late night Boots round by work!


1. The start of the cold snap
2. I don’t know whether it’s the weather, lack of fresh home cooked food (perks of being at home!) or getting back into the work routine, my skin has taken a turn for the worst! Picked up this mask this week which is doing a great job of sorting these problems out
3. My view on the way to work on Friday – gridlock traffic!
4. The good thing about Uni being closed, more room for a snowball fight =)
5. The epic battle between the people on ground and those up high!
6. My Sunday has been spent doing one thing only and that’s catching up on YouTube videos. These are some of my favourites <3

Hope you all had a brilliant week, and are enjoying the snow =)