2013 – whoda thunk it?! Christmas and New Years seems but a blissful memory now and the impending full week of work is looming. Hope you all had a brilliant New Year’s Eve. Mine was very low key, dinner at a friends house and a glass of champers to toast the New Year and then off home I went! As I had to head back to Bournemouth on New Year’s Day I wanted to be a peppy and awake as possible, especially as I hadn’t really done an inch of packing. It feels very surreal being back in Bournemouth now and my previous energy to get into the New Year and start working quickly vanished on my first day back. Oh blissful days of being young and having no responsibilities!


1. A mad rush/tidy through my room to find my old TV remote resulted in me stumbling across this old beauty! I literally bought the disk to Bournemouth and it’s sitting on my desk staring at me. I haven’t had the guts to install it yet as I know as soon as I do I will become obsessed and loose all my evenings all over again!
2. New Year’s Eve marks the day of my Dad’s Birthday and this year we headed over to the Harrods Pizzeria for his birthday meal. It’s really hard finding places to go that are not all gearing up for New Year’s Eve and only providing a set menu. Although busy this Pizzeria was brilliant (with delicious food) and my Dad got to sit at the counter (yes he really is a kid at heart :P)
3. Lunchtime bubbles
4. The best thing about New Year’s Day is our traditional ham and potato dauphine. One of my most fav meals but we only have it once a year due to all that pesky cream in the potatoes – oh but they are so SO good!!
5. Making sure I packed the essentials
6. As soon as I made it back to Bournemouth I embarked on a massive organising and cleaning session. To lighten the mood and provide a sweet aroma to the room I burnt a Christmas present I received which was in the form of the Sweet Sunrise Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood Candle from Rituals. Such a divine smelling candle and no doubt a blog post will be on it’s way soon all about it!

Hope you all had a brilliant week and this next week goes super fast!