Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil – £9.49*

I’ve been adding a few new categories to the blog to break up the content a bit and give some more varied posts. One of the ones I’ve added is this, the Budget Beauty Buy. As cosmetics and beauty products are my weakness my money usually goes straight to the beauty halls. I’m not really a fashion girl so whenever I have the urge to splurge or am looking for a pick me up this usually results in the sudden appearance of some new lipsticks (I have no idea how it happens honest!) Due to this I do get suckered in to the higher end brands and the beautiful packaging of companies such as Laura Mercier and Nars to name but a few. Although the packaging is oh so enticing I do forget some of the gems that are available in the likes of Boots and Superdrug. Considering they are the shops where my makeup journey started this category will hopefully pay homage to some of the great products they stock.

The first one I wanted to talk about is the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil. I’m not much of an oil girl as I find that they tend to linger on my skin and make popping on my leggings or trousers more trouble then it should be! However, with that season called Winter banging on the door and a few scratches and scars I wanted to see if they could be hidden I gave this Budget Beauty a go. Palmer’s is known for their cocoa butter products and I have used their moisturiser in the past when I was suffering from dry skin. This product is pretty much the same thing but in an oil version! When I first used it I had my same oil hang ups, doesn’t sink in fast enough and my skin is left shiny, however I persisted and (as you can see by how much I have already used!) I blooming well like it! This oil has helped to fade away any scars on my skin and has left it feeling more supple and elastic in these cooler months. For £9.49 and only a few pumps needed for your arms and legs (also high five for the pump!) this is a brilliant buy that gives the expensive oils a run for their money.

*pr sample