Can you feel it can you feel it, Christmas is almost here! This past week at work I have been more focused on Christmas goodies then anything sensible and productive! I am fully winding down – slightly too early but hey ho :P and can’t wait to get home and get festive! I had a shorter week this week which gave me some much needed time off and chance to get last minute things done. Next week is then the company Christmas party and our office party so I am full steam ahead into party mode! I also went to the Panto last night so if I am not bursting out in song I am beaming and walking around with tinsel draped across my shoulders. Sensible work mode is being pushed out the window and a week of Christmas carols will commence!


1. The joys of Boots points – time to try out a bloggers favourite without have to splash any cash *thank you the magic of advantage card points*
2. Cheeky midweek Nandos. Nandos has become my biggest weakness at the moment to the point I have almost filled up an entire card for a whole free chicken! Never have I achieved this level of Nandos before!
3. Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree <3 As a family tradition my Dad and I go to the same place each year together to pick up the tree and we managed to find a corker of a tree this year! One of the biggest ones we have ever had and boy is she a  beaut!
4. Headed to the O2 Thursday night to see the Black Keys
5. Getting festive with Essie’s Beyond Cozy
6. Looking slightly like a Simpson but embracing the black eyeliner all ready night out in London
7. Pre Panto feast thanks to Ping Pong
8. BEST. PANTO. EVER! My friend played Prince Charming and by the end of the performance my cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much!
9. Just so I could say the word Christmas one more time in this post – Christmas socks!!

Hope you all had a brilliant week =)