MAC Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer in Neutralize – £22.00

Back before the days of my Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer (which you can read all about here) this used to be my go to primer. Received for my birthday back in October 2011 and still going strong this is one of my favourite primers. This tickled my fancy when it was launched as it is a tinted primer that helps to counteract or enhance different elements in your skin. I went for Neutralize as it is aimed at calming red and blotchy complexions. I have been known to be a bit of a red cheeked lady and instead of pilling on the concealer or picking up a heavier foundation, this primer helps to get rid of the pesky red bits and even out my skin tone. Not just that, this primer also has a bucket load of SPF packed inside too so you known your skin in being cared for in the process.

Although I switched to the Laura Mercier primer in summer as it is that bit more moisturising and helped to prevent any summer shine, I have switched back to this MAC one now in Winter. I find that my cheeks get that bit more red in the cold and my skin can look a bit dull and lacklustre. One sweep of this all over my face and everything is evened out and looking that bit more glowing and ready for the day ahead. Considering when I first got this I used it practically everyday this bottle has lasted me ages and the smallest bit works wonders!

What is your favourite primer and do you switch up your primers for Winter?

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