This week has involved me having no voice and fighting with my boss as to whether I should go home sick or not (note; my boss was trying to make me go home but foolish me decided I was too busy to go home ill so stayed in the office). Next time someone invites you to a garden Halloween party at the beginning of November either go in a onesie or don’t go at all as you will spend the next week voiceless, ill and unable to recover! I’ve spent this weekend trying to do as little as possible and instead spent my time recuperating under my new winter duvet. It’s really getting cold now and my thoughts are turning that impending holiday called Christmas!


1. When you’ve had a hellish day in the office and are feeling rotten the last thing I wanted to do was go home and cook – perfect excuse for dinner out!
2. Speaking of delicious dinners after having to endure 3 hours sitting on the M3 on Friday night (cheers traffic) I finally made it to East London to enjoy a night in with Anna and Jennie. Bliss!
3. Saturday morning was fillings day. Two injections in my mouth and one hour later I was left looking like I had just had a stroke with only half my mouth being able to move!
4. Post filings fun was a trip to Pets At Home and finding this thirsty degu beyond hilarious
5. When you can’t go out and frolic what’s the next best thing? Dominoes and wine night with my friend Lou where we stuffed out faces and spent an entire night giggling over silly things and shouting flaaash at each other (don’t ask!)
6. Not loving at home means my Glamour subscriptions have mounted up! Perfect Sunday afternoon reading =)

Hope you’ve all had a brilliant week, are wrapping up warm and enjoying a sky full of fireworks!