NIP + FAB Mango Smoothie – £9.95

NIP + FAB are a brand that have been raved about on beauty blogs and YouTube videos for a while now but it wasn’t until I went on holiday this summer that I tried it out for myself. The products that have been most raved about are their Dry Skin Fix Body Butters. Rich is consistency, moisturising to the core and bursting with amazing scents, these body butters are a winner. Back in the land of summer and when I was jetting off to Italy I took a mini Mango Smoothie with me to ensure my skin didn’t become dehydrated in the sun. These body butters are instantly moisturising and their gorgeous scent lingers on your skin. My favourite one is the Mango Smoothie- light, full of citrus goodness and not too overpowering. Another popular scent is the Pistachio Sundae, honestly not my favourite scent, but it all depends on personal preference!

Considering I used to be a girl who would let body moisturisers sit on the shelf gathering dust I can now hardly go 5 minutes out of the shower without slapping some on! It makes such a difference to your skin moisturising everyday and just like you wouldn’t leave your face moisturise free, the same should go for your body.

Are you a daily moisturiser? Which is your favourite to lock in all that goodness?

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