I can’t believe next week will be my 100th ‘My Week In Pictures!” Madness! It’s nice to be able to look back and see what I have been up to week after week. It reminds me how much has changed over the past couple of years and how much can change in the future which is very excited! I’ve had the week from hell this week and the less said about that the better! To put it all behind me I have been at home this weekend catching up with friends and keeping myself busy, much to the displeasure of my shattered self!
1. Finally buying some heat protector to pop on whenever I blow dry or need to straighten my hair – however I swear this makes my hair more greasy!?
2. My review on the Avon SuperShock Eyeshadows over on the Avon Facebook page!
3. Packing up my camera all ready for a photography course I have started. 3 hours for one night a week for 10 weeks = a lot of information to learn! Hopefully thought I will be pretty clued up with my camera once I am done =)
4. A very welcome treat thanks to the postman!
5. Finally, FINALLY went to Bodean’s! This has been on my list for far too long but I went and boy am I glad I did! The pulled pork burrito was too good for words!
6. Stumbled across this list in my friends notebook which made me giggle =)
7. Enjoying some yummy mezze in Covent Garden with the beauty Julie
8. Taking Julie to a rather interesting location! The Piccadilly Institute has some odd rooms!
9. Catching up with this little fluff ball that I have missed whilst she has been at homeHope you have all had a brilliant week =)