One of the presents I was most surprised by on my birthday was this one. My dad handed a rectangular box with a blue polka dot ribbon around it to me with a smirk on his face and I had no idea what could be inside. I opened it with trepidation and found before my eyes this gorgeous Glass Nail File with Swarovski Crystals! I was shocked as A) I had no idea my dad had any knowledge about such things (and no there was no help or input from my mum on this one!) and also B) as an avid watcher of Anna’s from Vivianna Does Makeup, YouTube videos she had spoke about the fact that she had bought a glass nail file, how brilliant they are and ever since I had one on my wish list (again one that I had not verbalised in a list for my birthday!) My dad looked very happy with himself for finding such a great gift and I was over the moon to receive it!

Before this gift I had never used or tried a Glass Nail File before and had only heard about them from Anna’s videos. What’s special about Glass Nail Files is that after continued use they encourage your nails to become stronger and help to prevent splitting and pealing of the nail. The first thing I noticed when using this product was how smooth it was to file my nails and also how smooth my nails felt afterwards. My nails were easily shaped and there was no roughness or catches left that you can sometimes get when using a standard emery board. Glass Nail Files can be cleaned under water and as the glass is acid-etched they last for years when used with care. That’s a lot more then I can say for the standard emery board! Filing the nail is a lot quicker and easier with a Glass Nail File and I found that you have to spend less time trying to achieve the desired shape.

As this nail file was a gift I haven’t run around scouring the Internet trying to find it but I believe you can pick up glass nail files from Boots, or customised ones online for around £10.

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