The kitchen is still a great room for entertaining guests; as such, it’s also the perfect place to express your individual style. While you may not be ready for an expensive—and time consuming—renovation project that includes picking out new cabinetry and appliances, you can still update your kitchen by picking out some new designer goods. These trending kitchen accessories will help spice up the room and give your guests something to talk about:Dip Dye Designs – The “dipped” or “dip dye” look is one of the hottest trends in home décor right now. It combines the traditional wood tones with vibrant paint colours to create a unique look for your furniture and other home accessories, like these salad servers and cake stand from Marks & Spencer. Kitchen chairs, stools, and benches can be “dipped” on the legs in the colour of your choice, and so can the handles of your wooden utensils or the bases of candlesticks and spice shakers. The best part? You could always paint over the extra colour if you get tired of it later.

Colourful Porcelain – Vibrant colours are also starting to become hot in porcelain tableware. Dare to set your table in vibrant purples, yellows, and reds with these hand-painted dishes from Bruno Evrard’s NINA collection (pictured above),which we recently found on sale courtesy of Achica Homeware. Another bold tableware collection this year comes from John Derian, which features splashy, multi-colour designs. Look for tableware with this year’s trending colour—tangerine tango—to really make a splash with your guests.

Retro Appliances – Let some nostalgia creep into your kitchen by adding some retro-inspired appliances. This doesn’t have to mean rummaging through your parents’ old kitchen collectibles to find a few gems, either: Bygone offers a collection of stainless steel kitchen gadgets—ice tappers, cookie cutters, strawberry hullers, and sugar ladles—that are sure to take you back to the “good ol’ days.” Another easy way to create a retro-inspired look for your kitchen is to replace your kitchen cabinet hardware; patterned knobs and plates can help kick up the retro look in your kitchen. Browse Achica for daily promotions on designer kitchen gadgets and cabinet hardware.

Cute Chopping Boards – Chopping board designs were once fairly standard and uninspired, but have started to become a quirky staple of the kitchen countertop in recent years. In fact, the right board double as a chopping block and as a serving plate. John Lewis offers a beautiful collection of chopping boards, from its ridged, crumb-catching oak chopping board to its offbeat perfect pastry maple chopping board, which comes complete with baking measurements (pictured above). Just a few more tips to remember as you shop: oak and slate boards are knife blade resistant, while cork is trending as an eco-friendly alternative to wood.

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