Happy late Sunday everyone! Apologies for the late post – the joys of driving back to Bournemouth and finding that your rabbit has worked out how to get behind your wardrobe and eat through a cardboard box! A lot of cleaning up had to be done but now that is all done and I am all unpacked and can settle down and blog =) After using the bank holiday Monday to readjust after coming back from holiday and getting my hair cut (I can’t see me going back to long hair anytime soon even an inch longer and it drives me mad!) it was back to work and back to the normal day routine. I still feel a bit like I am in holiday mood and but work quickly changes that!


1. My post holiday ‘necessity’ Essie haul featuring Bikini So Teeny and Lilacism
2. Catching up on The Great British Bake-off with Lola (still hoping she masters the art of baking so she can bake for me!)
3. Ready for the week of work ahead
4. Back to Bournemouth beach – I really can’t complain living in Bournemouth it is beautiful being by the beach =)
5. New Topshop boots
6. Getting back into the swing of cooking and treating myself to some home made sweet potato wedges!
7. You know it’s a good night out if there is face painting involved!
8. Coming home to a fresh batch of pancakes – bliss
9. So new bits to get stuck into a try out!

Hope you’ve all had a great week. I’ve even brought some scarves and gloves back to Bournemouth with me. Autumn is just around the corner! Still holding out for a cheeky Indian summer though ;)