A bit of a different one on the blog today but something that is very important to all the female readers! Today it’s time to talk about bras and considering the statistics it looks like it’s an important topic with 80% of women wearing the wrong size. I know I struggle to find my size and have far too often got it wrong or not replaced a bra as soon as it needs to be. Hopefully the below will be able to help out and the curse of the wrong size bra can be over!Research suggests that approximately 80% of all women are not wearing the correct bra size. This is a staggering majority that are possibly experiencing health issues or discomfort just by not having a properly fitting bra. It is crucial that every women determines their proper size in order to be supported, as well as comfortable, throughout the day. Finding the right size isn’t a complicated process. However, many women do not know how to measure their bodies or use these measurements to calculate their bra size.

Actually it is rather simple for women to measure their bodies to find the size bra they need. All they need is a tape measure and a bra fit calaculator like that offered by Pananche. The first measurement that must be determined is the bra size. This is the number that goes along with the cup size that is denoted by a letter. Using the tape measure, it should be directly placed under the bust. This will determine the measurement around the body. Depending upon the measurement, either four or five inches will be added. If the measurement was an odd number then five inches will be added. On the other hand, if the measurement is an even number, then four inches will be added.

The second measurement that needs to be determined is around the fullest part of the bust. This measurement will be subtracted from the previous measurement for bra size. The difference between these two numbers will determine what cup size is needed. The bra fitting chart below shows the relationship between the difference and cup size:

• -1 inches AA cup
• 0 inches A cup
• 1 inch B cup
• 2 inches C cup
• 3 inches D cup
• 4 inches DD cup
• 5 inches E cup
• 6 inches F cup
• 7 inches G cup
• 8 inches H cup

If this just seems like too much math simply enter your measurements into a bra calculator available online, which will permit users to input their measurements. The calculator will then provide the bra size needed with no calculation needed.

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