Oh hello Naked Palette you work of utter beauty. This has been popping up on my blog quite a bit recently and each time it has it has always been met with a bountiful of comments from people saying how much they love this palette, how much they use it and how it is one of their stable makeup items. This palette can be picked up for £36 from Urban Decay themselves or in retailers such as Debenhams. Containing 12 pigmented and wearable colours and (back when I got it) a doubled ended brown and black eye liner and mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion you can see why this palette proved to be such a hit. Since getting it I have gone through phases of loving it and forgetting about it. For quite a while it had been sitting in the back of my draws ignored for its newer but slightly cooler coloured sister the Naked 2 Palette but the past few months it is back in my life with full effect.Moving to Bournemouth it was only this palette and my Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Pencil that I took with me in terms of eyeshadows. For 3 months this palette provided work day looks, evening smokey eyes and weekend ‘I made a bit more of an effort then I would during the week but still look natural’ looks (you know the ones I mean :P). Even though I still haven’t hit pan on any of the colours – and am impressed (well shocked!) when I see anyone that has (Corrie I’m looking at you!) Virgin is my most used colour for an inner tear duct highlight to brighten up my eyes and Sin and Sidecar create a perfect and easy work look. I have even been playing around more with the likes of Half Baked and Smog the palettes uber shimmery additions and have found just the right amount applied subtly to the lids adds a different dimension to a smokey eye.

Although this palette can be seen as quite pricey it is well worth it and was my first wake up call to the world of neutrals. Whether going on holiday, away for the weekend or you just want one thing you can rely on daily this will do the trick.

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