Honey I’m home! The holiday is officially over and I am back in London. Am so glad it is a bank holiday weekend too so I don’t need to rush off just yet back to Bournemouth and work! Italy was amazing and I had a really great time =) Thank you all for your lovely comments before I left! I’m not overly jet lagged as Italy is only an hour ahead and as we were in the northern parts the flight was less then 2 hours – however I am completely shattered so apologies if this is a rambley post! I am going to keep it short and sweet and head straight to the photos!
1. A sneak peek inside the contents of my hand luggage beauty essentials bag that will have a blog post up soon all about it
2. Jetting off to Italy
3. My only duty free purchase – I can’t get enough of this perfume!
4. Breakfast with a sea view? Don’t mind if I do!
5. The beautiful town in which we stayed, Camogli =)
6. The breathtaking views when sunbathing by the pool. Even took a couple of dips into the sea too even though I am not much of a beach person. The water was so warm and mean’t the views were even more amazing!
7. Hanging by the pool by the hotel
8. Sad I know but this is what got me through the tedious wait in a very dull and hot Italian airport. This is also the first time I had complete this size one too =)Hope you all had a great week and are enjoying a weekend away or the Carnival if you are heading over to Notting Hill!xx

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