Hello all you lovely lot =) Hope you all had a great week and have enjoyed watching the Olympics! I have been absolutely hooked and become into a massive sports fanatic! Who knew that could happen?! I’ve been glued to the live coverage and have been so happy and proud of team GB. Am looking forward to watching the closing ceremony tonight but sad it will all be over. Bring on the Paralympics!


1. Beautiful sunset! Which then involved me driving round trying to chase it :P
2. Friday’s smiley face
3. Trying out the Starbucks Berry Hibiscus which was delicious although had too many bits for my liking
4. Reunited with an old trusty friend. Put off buying this for far too long. Time to get my skin back in check!
5. The best menu at the best place. Wahaca!
6. Wahaca deliciousness
7. Getting my hair died! Shock horror no foils for once in my life. My new hair colour will be revealed tomorrow on my blog =)
8. Not gonna lie got very excited when I saw this in a magazine and can’t wait till it airs!
9. Gearing up and getting ready for the closing ceremony =)

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