Getting my hair died from brown to blonde (which I didn’t think was actually a big change until someone from Uni didn’t recognise me as a blonde!) the whole issue of roots and getting my hair re-died have become a lot more apparent. Before I went blonde I used to always get my highlights done underneath my top layer so that I could get away with the re-growth for a bit longer. Sounds cheap but I liked the blonde being underneath and just showing through as opposed to being too in your face on top. Going to the salon and even just getting a root touch up can be a pricey experience and I’m a bit afraid of trying out a DIY kit at home. This is where the Lee Stafford Sun Kissed Lightening Spray* comes into play! This is a cirrus infused lightening spray for all hair shades that can be used for 4 handy hair looks.1 – Lighten your hair all over
2 – Give your hair an ombre look by spraying onto the bottom sections of your hair
3 – Highlight sections of your hair from root to tip
4 – Root touch up by spraying onto the area of the rootsI wanted something to tide me over until next pay day and when I was at home and able to book in a trip to Headmasters where I get all my colour and cuts done. I used this spray on my roots specifically to hopefully lighten them and put off the imminent salon trip! With this spray you use it on towel dried hair and then blow dry your hair to active the product. It says on the bottle that this is a grower not a shower so to be careful with application and wait for the colour to show through. I used this each time I washed my hair and made sure I didn’t use any other products just in case it would stop the spray from working. Here are the results!


The above is only after 3 applications and I felt that even after 3 uses I could notice a difference. The change isn’t drastic but in a way I am glad as I didn’t suddenly want super blonde roots! The spray did make some of my colour go a little bit brassy so I stopped after 3 separate uses. I am really happy with the results and think this is great to change up your colour a bit or help you spread out your trips to the salon. This spray can be picked up for £7.99 from Boots nationwide.

*pr sample

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