Wow is it still Wednesday?! Only just :P Apologies for the lateness of this post! After work I rushed over to a friends house to pick up a dining table they wanted to get rid of and then headed to the cinema to see Brave (which FYI is AH-MAZE-ING and you must go see it now, twice :P). I came home to find my amazing housemate had put together all the flat pack furniture that I bought last night in Ikea. It’s such a relief to finally have furniture in my room and feel like it’s a liveable place now. Hopefully now I can de-stress and start relaxing and enjoying the new flat. It’s a major hassle going for an unfurnished place however I love the pieces I have got and they are things I can see me taking back to London or to the next place I move so I’m glad to have invested in them =) Anyway enough chit chat onto the makeup!

It was only a matter of time until this product came up on one of my ‘Blast from the Pasts’ post. The infamous MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. This used to be my holy grail foundation, the only foundation I ever used and the only foundation I thought I would ever need! I went through bottles and bottles of the stuff and funnily enough this was my first ever high end foundation. I loved the stuff and never thought I would question it (well that’s until I entered the world of beauty blogging and questioned everything I owned :P) I did go off it for a little while as I found the coverage too heavy but then I started mixing it with my MAC Face and Body foundation and the love affair continued.

If you have never tried Studio Fix Fluid Foundation it is a medium to full coverage foundation that is build-able and gives a pretty matte finish. I’ve have applied this foundation with many a foundation brushes throughout the years and all of them applied this great. This foundation now retails for £20.50 which is still a fairly decent price for a high end foundation however has gone up a lot since I first bought it (showing my age now :P). So why is it in a ‘Blast From The Past’ post if I loved it so much? Well that’s exactly why. Loved. I haven’t touched this foundation in a long time and the above bottle has been kicking around for a fair few months and most likely just needs to be thrown out. I did reignite the love a little bit for a while by paring it with the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation however I still found it too heavy. Some people refer to MAC foundation as cement as they are heavy formulas used for TV and Film just to completely cover people’s faces. They are not the best for your skin and ever since I started trying out different brands and formulas I have never gone back. I still can’t bare to part with the bottle as we used to be such good friends but sadly I think that love will never be ignited again!

Have you ever used your foundation? Is it still your favourite or have you now found others?

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