Cosmetics surgery and treatments are never something I really talk about. I usually just dismiss them as something I personally wouldn’t do but I forget that these procedures are now so much more then a simple boob job or tummy tuck. One for example is teeth whitening. As there are at home kits and strips that you can use in the comfort of your own four walls I forget that they are still classed as a cosmetic procedure. And not just teeth whitening either, there are bridges, crowns, veneers and white fillings. After a recent trip to the dentist I had the lovely diagnosis of fillings being required and so begun my dentist discussing filling options. My mind was boggled and there I was wondering whether to spend more money on white fillings just so they couldn’t be seen! Veneers also seen to be the big thing at the moment in Hollywood and TV with any new X Factor judge being given the X Factor makeover which always includes a set of veneers. It’s no long just about having the perfect hair and makeup! It’s insane how many other things come into play and are need in order to be ‘TV ready’ these days.
There is also a new procedure that I have never heard of before that offer. It is called VelaShape and is a ‘revolutionary new technology that is the first and leading FDA cleared non-invasive medical solution for the reduction of cellulite’. Wow that’s a mouthful! This procedure is aimed to treat cellulite and give you smooth skin. Now that seems a whole lotta trouble just for a bit of cheeky looking orange peel but considering the amount of money that is spent and products that are out on the market that claim to beat cellulite it looks like something that might be in high demand!
One product that aimed to do something similar but was quite high in the news for being misleading were the Marks and Spencer’s anti-cellulite knickers. The BBC spoke about these knickers (which can be found here) that cost £29.50 and contained vitamin E, aloe vera and caffeine and were meant to reduce visible signs of cellulite. Now I know this is a lot cheaper and less hassle then something like VelaShape would be but if you go and buy these, lotions and other potions that are meant to do the same trick the costs can quickly add up! I’m not saying that I would necessarily jump at the chance of VelaShape as personally I think nothing can beat a bit of exercise and good diet but it’s interesting to see these new tips and tricks that come onto the market. I wonder how many people would consider trying it out and whether the results are worth the money!
I think sometimes talking about cosmetic surgery and procedures can open a can of worms and it’s very much personal preference. Would you ever consider going under the knife or would you try out something less invasive?
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