Happy Sunday evening you lovely lot! Am on a bit of an Olympic fuelled high whilst writing this! I loved watching the opening ceremony on Friday night (and have a friend from work who was one of the volunteers in the show!) It’s been amazing watching it all on TV and seeing London as the backdrop. Truly is something special and so lucky to be able to see it.


1. The weather this week has been amazing! Spending lunch times outside catching a few rays and also making the most of being in Bournemouth and the beach. The best way to enjoy the beach? An after work beach BBQ! Even also managed to play a spot of tennis down at the Bournemouth Gardens outside tennis courts. Bliss!
2. Just what I like to see – clear blue skys! More of those please!
3. Mum sending me pictures of where she was on holiday. Jealous? Me? :P
4. My local town getting into the 2012 Oympic spirit
5. Pretty bracelet my mum got me from her holiday
6. Lining up waiting to see the women’s road race in Richmond Park
7. They are almost here!
8. Quick high five from a policeman before the women came past =)

Hope you have all had an amazing week and are enjoying the Olympics. I don’t have any tickets to any events but am making the most of all the free and local spectator points! Also I have added a little note to the bottom of all my future blog posts that you can see below. Just a lil reminder about the Cosmo Blog Awards that I was lucky enough to be shortlisted for. Thank you so so much for all your support it has really been amazing!

I have been lucky enough to be shortlisted for a Cosmo Blog Award in the Established Beauty Blog category! It would mean the world to me if you vote for me HERE. Thank you for all your support!