After my day trip to Brussels and very important stop off in the Makeup Forever boutique (where my haul can be found here) one of the items I picked up was their Purifying Brush Cleanser. I’m not 100% sure of the price as I bought it in Euros but you can buy it from Guru Makeup Emporium in the UK for £9.95. Before I bought this I usually gave my brushes a quick wash with the MAC Brush Cleaner or a deep wash with any standard hand soap (aka whatever mum has put in the bathroom!) I found the MAC Brush Cleaner was great at giving my brushes a quick clean if I wanted to use them again for a different colour but I would turn to the hand soap and the sink for a real deep clean.Now it’s the turn of the MUFE Brush Cleanser! The first thing I noticed when I used this was the smell. It smells really minty and fresh and literally reminded me of toothpaste. The smell alone made me feel like my brushes were getting a great clean. This scent comes from the fact that this brush cleaner contains peppermint. Alongside this there is also red thyme and other essential oils to help disinfect and clean your brushes. These ingredients also help to condition and protect your brushes helping them (or so they say) to last longer.

To clean my brushes with this cleanser I spray the liquid directly onto the brush avoiding the ferrule and the handle until the brush hairs are damp. I then grab an old towel and move the brush in circular motions around the towel until clean. This method is quick and easy and means my brushes are clean and dry quickly afterwards. The smell of the cleanser doesn’t transfer to the brush (so you don’t have minty fresh brushes!) but does leave them really soft. I’m not really loyal to any brand of brush cleaner, as long as it does the job I’m happy! However if I was ever in a MUFE shop again or browsing Guru Makeup Emporium I will defo be stocking up =)

Have you tried this brush cleanser before? What is your favourite makeup brush cleaner?

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