happy bank holiday weekend all you lovely beautiful lot! there is something that puts a big old smile on my face writing this post on a sunday knowing that tomorrow is a bank holiday. joys! this week has been a pretty manic week which was filled mainly by some big news! i’ve only gone and got myself a new job :P its something i’ve always wanted to do at one of my dream companies and it involves moving back to my old uni town for a few months as well so its all suddenly a big change! am really really excited tho so have been celebrating and sharing the news with friends and family this week.
1. brightening up a dull uk day with essie’s turquoise and caicos
2. lolz
3. my new favourite lip care – review to come soon =)
4. jubilee pinata at marks and spencers. this is how we do british :P
5. seeing my all time favourite band mystery jets
6. voting. trying not to stand on my soap box and complain about the lack of voters this election. seriously tho only 32%?!
7. treating myself to some goodies. this origins drink up intensive mask is seriously amazing and i have fallen head over heels for laura mercier lip glaces esp bare naked
8. jumping on the bandwagon and trying out the caudalie beauty elixir
9. at the l’oreal event with gem, charli and yu and where i also got to meet the lovely louise
10. indulging at the ice cream parlour in harrords
11. i told you i was obsessed with the laura mercier lip glaces! two in one week! with a voucher i treated myself to the new orange tulip too from their new range and got a new dry shampoo in a dinky handbag size to try out
12. GOT ALL MY HAIR CUT OFF okay not that dramatic but now its short!hope you all had an amazing week =)