Who knew hairbrushes could have such technical and long names? Try saying that quickly 6 times in a row ;) The GHD Ceramic Ventred Radial Brush in size 3* is a large barrelled brush that is best for blow-drying longer hair. This brush comes in 4 sizes ranging from small to large with 4 being the largest. Now I no longer have long hair and I don’t put any effort into blow-drying my hair (unless you call me expertly throwing my head upside as effort :P) but as soon as I see a big barrelled brush images of glamorous and voluminous hair comes into my mind and I find myself coming round with said product in my hands!

The GHD Ceramic Ventred Radial Brush* retains heat to allow your hair to be dried quicker. GHD advise you blast your hair with a hair-dryer until it is about 80% dry and then using medium sections, place the brush at the root area and focus the heat from your dryer directly at the barrel of the brush. Work this through out hair and voila instant blow dried perfection! Now I don’t know about you but even with short hair that sounds like too much of a faff. The Vidal Sassoon Ultimate Styler* (review here) has become my new goto buddy for easily and quickly blow-drying my hair. Instead I love using this brush to create move root lift through my hair by brushing through any products I have spritzed into my hair. This works perfectly and I find the big barrel means I am able to work through my hair quickly whilst creating a lot of volume.

In hindsight a smaller barrel would probably be better for my hair as it is now shorter and because I have fine hair – however I am still in the mindset that bigger is better! This GHD brush can be bought directly from the GHD website for £17.50)

*pr sample

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