i have now finished my bottle of the darphin azahar cleansing micellar water so i thought i would do a kind of update post about what i think of the product and whether i would repurchase it. my initial post about this water can be found herethis 200ml bottle has lasted me from the 10th march – 28th april. almost two months and considering most days i used this twice and liked to soak the cotton pad in this water to remove heavy eye makeup i think that is pretty good. i picked this bottle up from space nk for £23 (and yes i worked it out to be 0.46p a day :P) that may seem still like a lot of money but as it does a great job of removing my makeup, especially from my sensitive eyes, and doesn’t irritate my skin or cause excess redness i think the money is worth it. i would repurchase it again but whilst using this bottle i made a sneaky bioderma order so i have that to try next. i find makeup wipes just play havoc on my skin and that micellar waters are the perfect makeup remover for me so are worth the investment.have you tried a micellar water? which one is your favourite?