I have now had my Boudoir Lashes* lash extensions for 4 weeks and 2 days. My original post on the process of getting lash extensions and how they initially looked can be found here. I was going to do an update post at 2 weeks but my lashes looked no different from when I first got them done! My lashes are still looking in great condition and I am getting comments on how amazing my lashes look 4 weeks on. I have lost a couple of lashes now, more so on my left eye then my right eye as that’s the side I sleep on at night!

Left Eye
Right Eye
Both Eyes!

I haven’t experienced any problems with the lash extensions and haven’t noticed any problems with my natural lashes. I am still being careful when removing makeup and try to avoid getting water on them. I am probably being over cautious but the better you look after them the longer they will last! When I first got the extensions I completely avoided any type of eyemakeup. I have now worn some with the lash extensions but I go for a much more natural look as I think with the extensions your eyes already look quite dramatic.

When I have been wearing eyemakeup this is the process I follow to help prevent the extensions from getting damaged. I pop a cotton wool bud into  some Bioderma and use the bud to remove the eyemakeup. This removes any makeup quickly and effectively and prevents you from rubbing at the lash extensions. I have already debated getting my extensions filled in before I go to Bournemouth but sadly time is working against me at the moment! Alongside looking great these extensions have been a lifesaver in the mornings as it now takes me 5-10 minutes at a push to do my makeup. Anything that gives you an extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning is a must in my book!
Have you tried eyelash extensions before? Would you consider getting some?
*pr sample

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