A few months ago I bought myself Lush’s tub of shampoo called Big. It is a sea salt shampoo that claims to give you big, volumised hair. I hadn’t heard a lot of things about this shampoo but going by the name of it it seemed too good to resist! This tub costs £10.95 for 330g and as I was paying for it I was recommended by the sales assistant to wash my hair twice with the shampoo. Once to clean my hair and a second to create a lather. I was happy with my purchase of Big and was excited to try it out and get big hair!

The first thing I noticed when I used Big is that it feels very gritty because of the sea salt. This shampoo contains coarse sea salt, fresh lemon infusion, fresh sea water and other goodies to give you that beach kissed hair whilst retaining all the moisture and goodness your hair needs. It was a bit tricky at first getting the product into my hair and felt very strange working it through. You soon get the hang of it however and the second wash gives a lovely lather. Word or warning be careful with your eyes (and lips!) with this shampoo as it does contain salt and you will get salty lips!

After I had finished washing my hair and used my standard conditioner I was excited to see the finished result. Bring on my big, voluminous, beachy hair! But there was nothing. Whilst my hair was wet, as it was being dried and afterwards there was no noticeable difference. Nada. How disappointing! I popped in my usual volume enhancing products hoping for some added life to my hair but still. Nada. Flat as a pancake. Not only that, throughout the day I swear my hair got flatter! No word of a lie. Needless to say I was less then impressed but not one to write things off after one try I persevered.

Three weeks later and I give up. Big you are not big. You are flat and lifeless and useless. Your claims of salt and added volume have fallen short. I am now rendering you useless.

Have you tried out this shampoo before? Did you have any luck achieving big hair with it?

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