this week has been a pants old week. well had a few gems throughout the week but the truly hideous weather and a less then fun week at work has resulted in said pants week. i also have had my windows painted in my bedroom and the fumes have given me the worst cluster headache. if you wiki cluster headache is shows a picture of a man with a gremlin man pulling his eyelid up and poking his eye. cluster headaches basically make you feel like someone is twisting your brain and ever so often you get a lovely jolting stabbing pain too. what an enjoyable subject i share with you =) onto the photos!
1. making use of my pout makeup bag by creating an ‘at work essentials’ makeup bag a la anna from vivianna does makeup
2. a much needed mid week cosmo that was more fruity then most cosmos but utterly delicious
3. primrose cupcakes at work aka making me look like a cupcakeaholic by running to the box and devouring a cupcake
4. friday night cider night
5. beauty in a nail polish thanks to nail inc porchester square
6. finally making it out of my bed today and burning a candle whilst cleaning my makeup brusheshope you all had a great week and fingers crossed for a dryer week next week!