happy april fools! do not fear no jokes to be found on here. im not one for april fools and am usually the gullible one that ends up believing everyone else’s! its already april and feels like in a heart beat it will be july/august and then we are back into the later months of the year. madness. i’ve been enjoying a couple of 4 days weeks (thanks holiday allocation!) and it makes weeks feel so much shorter. 4 day weeks should be the norm! it also means ive been able to enjoy some of the lovely weather we have been having.
1. office beer on a tuesday? don’t mind if i do!
2. drinks at sketch bar. if you go to any bar in london go to this one! drinks are ridiculously expensive but you’ve got to go just for the toilets. heads up you will wee in an egg shaped pod. if you’ve been you know what ill mean!
3. tuesdays face
4. absolute cosmos that were an absolute dream to drink
5. thursdays face
6. thursdays outfit all ready for leaving drinks after work
7. THE FAIR IS IN TOWN!!! and i am SO excited to go!
8. who knew i was such an artist?!
9. laguna beach. best tv show ever? thought sohope you all had a great week and next week doesn’t bring too much cold weather!