lets all just to take a moment, stop what your doing and think about how light it was at 7pm this evening. can anyone say bliss? i know its never nice to loose an hour of your day and its suddenly a lot later then i would like it to be but its all worth it for that sunlight to come beaming through you windows. not just that it now means that i will actually be able to take blog photos after work as opposed to having to take them all at the weekend. time to dance for joy!

1. duck pancakes goodies at all bar one (and yes each one got eaten whole!)
2. good makeup day
3. listening to an amazing performer in covent garden who could beatbox all the beats to popular tracks
4. at the sanctuary spa where i spent the afternoon sparing, getting a facial and going into a sleep retreat! 5. dinner at fuel aka nom pizza time
6. shopping at mary portas
7. kinky knickers for the win! and yes each pair tells you who on the show made them. mine were made by james ;)
8. lola enjoying the warmer weather
9. doing far too much online ‘research’ and creating an unhealthily sized wish list
hope you all had a great week. not long now till easter and lent being over!